The terrorist named in CTD’s Red Book arrested

KARACHI: The Sindh Rangers on Wednesday announced the arrest of a notorious terrorist associated with the banned outfit Jundullah. The arrested terrorist’s name is also mentioned in the Red Book of the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD).

The spokesman for the paramilitary force said that in a joint operation with the Sindh CTD, Rangers soldiers conducted an intelligence-based raid in the Paracha Chowk area of Shershah and arrested Khan Badshah, who went by the aliases Umer Farooq, Khan, Maviah, Bacha, and Bihari. The spokesman said the terrorist had been working with Jundullah’s Haji Mumtaz, alias Hamza, Group. During the initial investigations, the suspect revealed that he and his accomplices had transported a large cache of weapons to Karachi from Waziristan and that the weapons were used against the CTD in a 2007 shootout in Shah Latif Town. The suspect also disclosed that in 2007 he and his accomplices had committed a robbery at a bank located on Rashid Minhas Road and made off with Rs1.7 million. In 2008 they committed a robbery at another bank and made off with Rs3 million.

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