Climbers from Nepal become first to summit K2 in winter

A group of climbers from Nepal on Saturday became the first ever to summit Pakistan’s K2 during the winter months. On the same day, a Spanish mountaineer fell to their death from the peak.

Over the last few weeks, many climbers have been competing to reach the peak of the world’s second-highest mountain.

“WE DID IT,” tweeted Seven Summit Treks, a trekking company that was leading one of the expeditions.

“The Karakorum’s ‘Savage Mountain’ been summited in most dangerous season: winter. Nepalese climbers finally reached the summit of Mt K2 this afternoon at 17:00 local time”, it added.

But lower down the mountain, climbers were mourning the death of Sergi Mingote – a Spanish climber. The Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez described him as a “great sportsman” on Twitter. 

 “He wanted to keep on making history… and a tragic accident ended his life”, he added.

According to the Alpine Club of Pakistan, the climber fell to his death while going down to Base Camp after 4 PM local time.

The club was working to evacuate the body. But Secretary Karrar Haidri claimed that due to poor conditions, the evacuation would be done on Sunday morning.

“Savage Mountain” is named after the conditions there, that winds can blow at over 200 kilometers per hour, with temperatures dropping to minus 60 degrees Celsius.

No team had been able to reach a height of more than 7,650 meters until Saturday when the climbers touched 8,000 meters.

The K2 lies in the Karakoram range along the Chinese border. The 10 climbers from Nepal were spread across different teams but came up with a new group to achieve the feat in Nepal’s name.

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