British lawmakers rise against Indian human rights violations in Kashmir

LONDON: The British Parliament resonated on Thursday with voices being raised against human rights violations being carried out in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) as the parliamentarians noted.

Britain sold weapons and ammunition worth £50 billion between 2015 and 2020 which will be used to exterminate Kashmiri innocents, said one member of UK parliament Naz Shah, urging her government to stop weapon trade with the captors of Kashmir.

Naz Shah said today in the British parliament session if the world powers, government do not stop India from the Kashmiri genocide now, history will not remain kind to us.

As the United Kingdom asked India to lift all restrictions in IIIOJK and allow a team from its High Commission in Delhi to visit the occupied territory for a first-hand assessment of the situation, a debate on the ‘political situation in Kashmir’ was set in motion.

The demand for restriction lifting was originally made by the UK Secretary of State for Justice Robert Buckland while replying to a debate on the matter.

A number of British parliamentarians stood in the Westminster Hall and shared their concerns on the state-sponsored afflictions that Kashmiris are subjected to.

At least one minister and 10 MPs spoke at length on the occupation of Kashmir by India, including Sarah Owen who said the lockdown of Kashmir forced by India is wrought for the annexation.

MP Sarah Owen said more than 500,000 Indian force personnel have confined Kashmiri people whose rights violations have been observed recently.

Their Muslim populations are being restricted to even go to the hospitals while their women are being sexually harassed, MP Owen said.

Another MP James Daly said the Kashmir issue has become a humanitarian crisis where enforced disappearances and brute violence prevail blatantly.

He said the Western media was silent on the Kashmir issue where people suffer horrific sexual crimes and violence.

John Spellar, another Labor Party MP, stood up and underscored the violations in Kashmir are not an Indian internal issue. He said we reject the notion of India that it’s their personal matter and while we are not against India, we do blame them for what they are doing in Kashmir.

Spellar said India is trying to manipulate Kashmir’s demography to gain a tailored win over the UN-decreed plebiscite. He said the bloodbath in that valley continues to date since 1984.

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