Nazis And Their Heinous War Crimes

National Socialism, or Nazism, is the ideology of the Nazi Party and their practices, led by Adolf Hitler, in Nazi Germany, and other areas which used to be in its control. Nazism shared many elements with Italian fascism, albeit, it was far more extreme both in its ideas and practices.

In the Second World War, Nazis, under the rule of Adolf Hitler (who introduced the idea of Nazism in Germany). Hitler was given the role of Chancellor, Fuhrer, and president, after ceasing power in Germany, and was considered above the law. He gave free reign to his followers, who went on to commit various major crimes against humanity. These are categorized in two ways physical and property crime.

Over 400,000 people, mainly consisting of Jews, were killed in Nazi concentration camps, an average of over 1800 people killed each day, and no proper burials were conducted, instead the bodies were thrown in mass graves. The Nazis employed many brutal ways to murder their Jewish victims, such as being beaten, drowned, whipped, shot, ran over, strangled, gassed, euthanized and hung. They also committed various sexual crimes against women.

Nazis also drove Jews out of their own homes and possessed their belongings to make their lives harder, before the holocaust. Many people did what they ordered to do by the Nazi soldiers to ensure that they could survive.

Author By: Osaja Ali

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  1. Masood Chaudhary

    Nazi soldiers killed 400,000 human beings? How can anyone be so inhumane?
    Amazing article! Good…

    1. Momentique Media

      yes they actualy did.

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